Top 4 Cheapest Cars in 2023


When it comes to luxury cars, the first thing that often comes to mind is their hefty price tags. However, in recent years, the automotive industry has seen the emergence of more affordable luxury options that cater to a broader audience. If you’re in the market for a luxury car but have a tight budget, you’ll be delighted to know that affordable options are available. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of the cheapest luxury cars, offering an extensive guide to help you make an informed decision and experience the epitome of style, comfort, and performance without emptying your wallet.

Cheapest Luxury Car

Luxury cars are renowned for their superior craftsmanship, advanced features, and exceptional performance. However, they often come with a premium price tag that can deter many potential buyers. Luckily, there are several options available for those seeking a luxury car on a budget. Here, we’ll explore some of the top contenders for the title of the cheapest luxury car:

4. Cadillac CT5

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Combining affordability and generous interior space, the 2023 Cadillac CT5 appeals to those seeking a midsize luxury sedan without sacrificing practicality. While lacking the same level of excitement as the higher-tier CT5 models, the base model still delivers a pleasant driving experience. The base engine, which performs adequately in the CT4, faces challenges handling the CT5’s additional size and weight. This aspect positions the CT5 as a less compelling option compared to more captivating competitors in the midsize luxury segment. In terms of classification, due to its smaller size and pricing, the CT5 is considered a compact in our global rankings.


  1. Handsome exterior styling that commands attention.
  2. Spacious back seat, providing ample legroom for passengers.
  3. The exhilarating Blackwing model offers thrilling performance.


  1. The presence of a fake C-pillar window detracts from overall aesthetics.
  2. Limited trunk space for accommodating larger items.
  3. The base engine struggles to keep up with the vehicle’s demands.


  • Base Price: $39,590
  • Powertrain Specs: 2.0L turbo I-4 (237 hp, 258 lb-ft)
  • Fuel Economy (city/hwy): 23 / 33 mpg

3. Cadillac CT4

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The 2023 Cadillac CT4 stands as the most affordable luxury sedan with rear-wheel drive for enthusiasts who appreciate exceptional driving dynamics and opulent interior trim. With a well-tuned suspension and balanced chassis, the CT4 embraces a classic layout that emphasizes a thrilling driving experience. While the base engine might not provide a sonorous soundtrack, the CT4’s base Luxury Sedan trim offers commendable handling and respectable straight-line performance without a significant budgetary strain. However, it’s worth noting that rear-seat passengers may experience a tighter fit in any CT4 model.


  1. Attractive exterior and interior design that exudes elegance.
  2. Excellent handling and well-balanced chassis.
  3. Super-sporty Blackwing model for the performance-oriented driver.


  1. Unpleasant engine sounds may detract from the driving experience.
  2. Limited back seat and cargo area dimensions.
  3. The infotainment touchscreen is relatively small.


  • Base Price: $35,790
  • Powertrain Specs: 2.0L turbo I-4 (237 hp, 258 lb-ft)
  • Fuel Economy (city/hwy): 23 / 34 mpg

2. Audi A3

The 2023 Audi A3, though smaller and pricier than the Integra, remains a noteworthy contender in the subcompact luxury sedan segment. As Audi’s most accessible model, the A3 sets itself apart from entry-level vehicles such as the Nissan Versa or Kia Rio. It’s angular interior design and iconic four-ring Audi badge exudes a sense of sophistication that’s unmatched. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and featuring a base engine with 200 horsepower, the A3 exceeds the capabilities of more affordable cars like the Versa. While the price tag of $37,000 may give pause, the A3’s refined features and overall quality make it a compelling option for discerning buyers.


  1. High-tech interior loaded with advanced features.
  2. The smooth and powerful base engine for an enjoyable driving experience.
  3. Striking new design that catches the eye.


  1. Compact interior dimensions may feel confining.
  2. A limited selection of standard safety features.
  3. Relatively high price for its size.


  • Base Price: $36,495
  • Powertrain Specs: 2.0L turbo I-4 (201 hp, 221 lb-ft)
  • Fuel Economy (city/hwy): 28 / 38 mpg

1. Acura Integra

The 2023 Acura Integra is an exceptional choice for those seeking a compact luxury hatchback without breaking the bank. As the most cost-effective luxury vehicle on the market, this car offers a reliable Honda foundation that ensures long-term value even after the warranty expires. With its turbo engine derived from the acclaimed Honda Civic Si, the Integra delivers an exhilarating driving experience. However, what sets it apart from other small luxury-branded cars is the comprehensive package it offers beyond its prestigious badge. It’s important to note that the base model does omit some premium features like the excellent six-speed manual transmission and the ELS 16-speaker premium audio system. Nonetheless, the vehicle comes equipped with standard safety technologies, including traffic sign recognition and the Blind Spot Information System, providing peace of mind on the road.


  1. Satisfying driving experience, particularly for city navigation.
  2. Joyful option of a six-speed manual transmission for manual enthusiasts.
  3. Practical hatchback design with ample cargo space.


  1. Cabin noise levels can be higher than desired.
  2. Improved tire quality could enhance overall performance.
  3. Availability of the manual transmission is limited to the highest trim level.


  • Base Price: $32,495
  • Powertrain Specs: 1.6L turbo I-4 (200 hp, 192 lb-ft)
  • Fuel Economy (city/hwy): 30 / 37 mpg

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